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Cacao Ceremony

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"The Cacao Connection" Cacao Ceremonies are opportunities to gather, as many of our ancestors did, in commUnity circles of prayer, Divination, and commUnion. They are opportunities to come back into a space of listening and re-membering.  Listening, not in the way of hearing with your ears. but paying attention to our selves, the wisdom of the present moment, and the way the Spirit of life is alive in us and flows through all things.


The medicine of cacao helps to cultivate presence and re-attunement with our true self and the eternal wisdom of life. Our ceremonies usually include creating a sacred space together, setting an intention / prayer, expressing gratitude for life, receiving a delicious unsweetened ceremonial hot chocolate (usually with a dash of cayenne), and then letting Spirit guide our journey whether through an outdoor journey experience, an inquiry and sharing circle, and / or some form of introspective meditation time. All of our ceremonies, and particularly the full moon circles, include the offering of sacred sounds and community circle songs or Kirtan. 

What a wonderful gift to give oneself!  If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, I hope you will join us for one of our New Moon or Full Moon ceremonies that usually happen regularly on Saturday mornings closest to the New or Full Moon.










Why do you gather for your ceremonies in the day time?

It seems like common sense to us that you would want to receive such a potent and energy activating plant spirit in the early part of the day. There are so many benefits from communing with cacao, why not have it on the early side so everyone can experience the positive energies that awaken throughout the day in whatever ways you choose.

Antonio, who is at the heart of The Cacao Connection, was also an early student of Keith The Cacao Man. In which, Keith taught and encouraged this same way of praying with cacao. He would suggest we not receive a "ceremonial dose" after Noon or 1pm the latest. Unless of course you don't mind staying awake into the night. As a long time ceremonialist with this plant medicine, Antonio also believes even one time of having a strong dose at night can interrupt normal sleep patterns which can ripple for days. And yes, cacao has become a "spiritual pop culture" thing. When moving to the SF Bay Area in 2015, Antonio was surprised to see how many cacao gatherings were happening and all starting late in the evening. 

AND, every-body is different. So trust your knowing and your bodies wisdom and do what is right for you. There are many ceremonial opportunities where staying up into the mystical realm of the night time is of great benefit. This is actually a common spiritual practice for us during our New Mexico retreats every Summer. And, as we conduct regular ceremonies, it is more beneficial as a regular practice to pray with cacao during the day than the evening.

"A Cacao Connection Ceremony offers a re-turning to the sacred ways of creating ceremonial space. This sacred space offers a gateway to a safe and deep ceremonial container which, with the synergy of the cacao medicine, welcomes the opportunity to drop the mask of our roles, connect with our Soul, and re-attune ourselves to the vibration of the Divine. All of this naturally creates an atmosphere for all who are present to re-member the gift of commUnity and deeper connection with one another."

Antonio Aversano

This audio recording by Michael Meade is a perfect summary of how ceremony can be an important and empowering response to our rapidly changing world.

Awakening Soul PurposeMichael Meade
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